Stone sculptures for sale

582 Original Contemporary Sculptures For Sale | Stone What is the origin of the Stone technique? From the Sphinx of Giza to Michelangelo's David through the Venus de Milo, stone sculpture is one of the most widely used[...]

582 Original Contemporary Sculptures For Sale | Stone

What is the origin of the Stone technique?

From the Sphinx of Giza to Michelangelo's David through the Venus de Milo, stone sculpture is one of the most widely used and widespread sculpture techniques throughout the ages. The characteristics of the different stones used allow sculptors to give life to their inspirations according to the various constraints of the rock: the stone can be soft or hard depending on whether it is limestone sculpture, sandstone sculpture, plaster sculpture, granite sculpture , basalt sculpture or marble sculpture. In any case, the stone sculpture offers the viewer who contemplates it a feeling of majesty and immortality, like a talisman that would ward off the effects of Time which inexorably passes on man.

How to buy a stone sculpture online?

Is your house in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint and a few new pieces of artwork? 

Modern sculpture, available in a range of shapes and materials, is an excellent way to brighten up the interior design of your house. 

Many people love abstract stone sculpture, which may be shown both indoors and outdoors. Abstract stone sculpture is becoming increasingly popular. 

If you are looking for stone sculpture, or if you are looking for the finest location to buy stone sculpture online, read on. Don't worry, we're here for you. 

You'll find some of the most popular online stores for modern stone sculpture, large stone sculpture, and rustic stone sculpture when you search the internet for where to buy stone sculpture online. If you're struggling to come up with ideas for a new piece of art or simply want to add some diversity to your home's decor, consider blending several sorts of materials together in a single piece.

 Consider using a piece of stone as a focal point into your wall designs to add depth and texture to them. Continue reading to find out more about the top online retailers for stone sculpting projects.

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Sculpture titled "ESCALIER 1" by Jeanbaptiste Van Den Heede, Original Artwork, Stone
ESCALIER 1 - Sculpture, 51x70x60 cm ©2020 by Jeanbaptiste Van Den Heede - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, escultura de marmol, escultura de piedra, art design, diseño de mesa

Sculpture - Stone | 51x70x60 cm

Sculpture titled "Il Piede di Perseo…" by Godfried Dols, Original Artwork, Stone
Il Piede di Perseo (Voet van Perseus) - Sculpture, 220x50x60 cm ©2021 by Godfried Dols - Figurative, figurative-594, Mythology, Mythologie, Perseus, Griekse-mythologie, Medusa, Italië, Marmer, Pietrasanta, Carara, Hand-carved, Bladgoud, Vleugels, Unica
"Il Piede di Perseo (Voet van Perseus)"

Sculpture - Stone | 220x50x60 cm

Sculpture titled "SARCOFAGO ROMANO MM…" by Severino Braccialarghe, Original Artwork, Stone
SARCOFAGO ROMANO MMXVI - Sculpture, 23x67x17 cm ©2016 by Severino Braccialarghe - Classicism, classicism-933, Politics, roma capitale, neoclassico moderno, arte romana, arte neoclassica

Sculpture - Stone | 23x67x17 cm

Sculpture titled "2021 . C12" by Alain Despres, Original Artwork, Stone
2021 . C12 - Sculpture, 149x105x84.5 cm ©2021 by Alain Despres - Abstract, abstract-570, sculpture, marbre, Sarrancolin
"2021 . C12"

Sculpture - Stone | 149x105x84.5 cm

Sculpture titled "Cosmicomica" by Enzoyote, Original Artwork, Stone
Cosmicomica - Sculpture, 15x40x40 cm ©2022 by Enzoyote - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, abstraction naturelle, enzoyote, marbre, marble, cosmicomica, sculpture cinétique, kinetic sculpture

Sculpture - Stone | 15x40x40 cm

Sculpture titled "RADIO II" by Roland Baladi, Original Artwork, Stone
RADIO II - Sculpture, 18x29x14 cm ©2004 by Roland Baladi - Hyperrealism, hyperrealism-612, MARBLE, RADIO, REALISM, ORIGINAL, UNPARALELLED, STATUE

Sculpture - Stone | 18x29x14 cm

Sculpture titled "VIENNA 1907" by Wojciech Pietranik, Original Artwork, Stone
VIENNA 1907 - Sculpture, 45x45x36 cm ©2022 by Wojciech Pietranik - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Women, contemporary stone sculpture, Australian stone sculpture, Wojciech Pietranik
"VIENNA 1907"

Sculpture - Stone | 45x45x36 cm

Sculpture titled "TAKASHI MURAKAMI -…" by Matteo D'Adda, Original Artwork, Stone
TAKASHI MURAKAMI - SWAROVSKI MANNEQUIN - Sculpture, 22x10x6 cm ©2023 by Matteo D'Adda - SWAROVSKI, Murakami, Pop art, Mannequin

Sculpture - Stone | 22x10x6 cm

Sculpture titled "Tranquillité d'espr…" by Ulrich Ernst Nievergelt, Original Artwork, Stone
Tranquillité d'esprit, Serenità, Composure, Gelassenheit - Sculpture, 50x12x5 cm ©2023 by Ulrich Ernst Nievergelt - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Men, Gesicht, Gelassenheit, Stein, Ruhe, minimalismus, Reduziert, Klar
"Tranquillité d'esprit, Serenità, Composure, Gelassenheit"

Sculpture - Stone | 50x12x5 cm

Sculpture titled "Sunrice" by Wiktor Kopacz, Original Artwork, Stone
Sunrice - Sculpture, 25x60x11.5 cm ©2014 by Wiktor Kopacz - Abstract, abstract-570

Sculpture - Stone | 25x60x11.5 cm

Sculpture titled "SENSUELLE 2" by Florence   Duet, Original Artwork, Stone
SENSUELLE 2 - Sculpture, 15x52x11 cm ©2022 by Florence Duet - Figurative, figurative-594, Women, femme, nu, sensuelle, sensualité, sculpture en pierre, unique, une pièce unique, sculpture corps femme

Sculpture - Stone | 15x52x11 cm

Sculpture titled "be quiet" by Michael Rehberg, Original Artwork, Stone
be quiet - Sculpture, 25x20x2.5 cm ©2017 by Michael Rehberg - Figurative, figurative-594, Everyday Life
"be quiet"

Sculpture - Stone | 25x20x2.5 cm

Sculpture titled "Kintsugi table" by Moris Bosa, Original Artwork, Stone
Kintsugi table - Sculpture, 120x60x36 cm ©2022 by Moris Bosa - Abstract, abstract-570, marmol di carrara, unbloque, echo a mano, mesita, coffetable
"Kintsugi table"

Sculpture - Stone | 120x60x36 cm

Sculpture titled "Carrara Marble Wild…" by Jean-Michel Garino, Original Artwork, Stone
Carrara Marble Wild Animal - Lion Two - Sculpture, 21x33x10 cm ©2020 by Jean-Michel Garino - Figurative, figurative-594, Cat, carrara, carrare, marble, marbre, lion, africa, animal, cat
"Carrara Marble Wild Animal - Lion Two"

Sculpture - Stone | 21x33x10 cm

Sculpture titled "La volute" by Philippe Cotin, Original Artwork, Stone
La volute - Sculpture, 31x21x19 cm ©2023 by Philippe Cotin - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract, volute
"La volute"

Sculpture - Stone | 31x21x19 cm

Sculpture titled "Жертвоприношение Ис…" by Ренат Давлетшин, Original Artwork, Stone
Жертвоприношение Исаака - Sculpture, 50x40x30 cm ©2022 by Ренат Давлетшин - Classicism, classicism-933, Mythology, религия, библия, мифология, христианство, мрамор, шедевр, уникальная, оригинальный, ручная работа, резной, ваяние, Микеланджело, Исаак, скульптура, греция, античный, музей, аукцион, вечный, экспрессионизм
"Жертвоприношение Исаака"

Sculpture - Stone | 50x40x30 cm

On Request
Sculpture titled "Pierre de la folie" by Guillaume Cochinaire, Original Artwork, Stone
Pierre de la folie - Sculpture, 23x50x33 cm ©2021 by Guillaume Cochinaire - Vanity, cerveau, agate, géode, neurones, lampe, veilleuse, marbre
"Pierre de la folie"

Sculpture - Stone | 23x50x33 cm

Sculpture titled "Emergence" by Nathalie Cirino, Original Artwork, Stone
Emergence - Sculpture, 17x21x15 cm ©2020 by Nathalie Cirino - Abstract, abstract-570, Love, contemporain, archaïque, architectural, douceur, mélange, matières

Sculpture - Stone | 17x21x15 cm

Sculpture titled "Torsion d'albâtre N…" by Edith Bk, Original Artwork, Stone
Torsion d'albâtre N°3 - Sculpture, 130x25x15 cm ©2022 by Edith Bk - Geometric, geometric-572, Geometric, sculpture en albâtre, sculpter la lumière, pierre translucide, albâtre blanc
"Torsion d'albâtre N°3"

Sculpture - Stone | 130x25x15 cm

Sculpture titled "Coccodrillo" by Andrea Gardini, Original Artwork, Stone
Coccodrillo - Sculpture, 63x23x10 cm ©2022 by Andrea Gardini - Figurative, figurative-594, Animal, scultura, marmo di carrara, handmade, sculpture, animals, design

Sculpture - Stone | 63x23x10 cm

Sculpture titled "Alma" by Ariane Crovisier, Original Artwork, Stone
Alma - Sculpture, 26x16x8 cm ©2017 by Ariane Crovisier - Abstract, abstract-570

Sculpture - Stone | 26x16x8 cm

Sculpture titled "Le Méditant 2" by Réjane Lechat, Original Artwork, Stone
Le Méditant 2 - Sculpture, 47x10x8 cm ©2021 by Réjane Lechat - Cubism, cubism-582, Men
"Le Méditant 2"

Sculpture - Stone | 47x10x8 cm

Sculpture titled "Bouquet de Girafffes" by Philippe Tallis, Original Artwork, Stone
Bouquet de Girafffes - Sculpture, 330x170x120 cm ©2019 by Philippe Tallis - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Mountainscape, sculpture sauvage, art brut, art monumental, sculpture monumentale
"Bouquet de Girafffes"

Sculpture - Stone | 330x170x120 cm

On Request
Sculpture titled "Tableaux 2" by Céline Martinant, Original Artwork, Stone
Tableaux 2 - Sculpture, 120x100x15 cm ©2022 by Céline Martinant - Abstract, abstract-570, Nature
"Tableaux 2"

Sculpture - Stone | 120x100x15 cm

Sculpture titled "Sin Título 2" by David Go, Original Artwork, Stone
Sin Título 2 - Sculpture, 44x21x14 cm ©2023 by David Go - Abstract, abstract-570, Women, escultura, abstracta, mujer, marmol, David Go, escultor, español
"Sin Título 2"

Sculpture - Stone | 44x21x14 cm

Sculpture titled "I just wanna shine" by Tom Sturm, Original Artwork, Stone
I just wanna shine - Sculpture, 50x19x8.5 cm ©2023 by Tom Sturm - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Abstract, humain, homme, femme, briller, sculpture, talent, or, espoir, ronde bosse, tribal, art brut
"I just wanna shine"

Sculpture - Stone | 50x19x8.5 cm

Sculpture titled "ÉVAPORESCENCE" by Marc Mugnier, Original Artwork, Stone
ÉVAPORESCENCE - Sculpture, 270x90x36 cm ©2023 by Marc Mugnier - Land Art, land-art-957, Nature

Sculpture - Stone | 270x90x36 cm

Sculpture titled "Composizione quattro" by Daniele Ruffini, Original Artwork, Stone
Composizione quattro - Sculpture, 52x64x18 cm ©2004 by Daniele Ruffini - Abstract, abstract-570, Geometric
"Composizione quattro"

Sculpture - Stone | 52x64x18 cm

Sculpture titled "Wächterkopf o.T." by Matthias Trott, Original Artwork, Stone
Wächterkopf o.T. - Sculpture, 48x24x20 cm ©2017 by Matthias Trott - Abstract, abstract-570, Everyday Life, Seinskulptur, Marmorskulptur
"Wächterkopf o.T."

Sculpture - Stone | 48x24x20 cm

Sculpture titled "Resilience" by Melanie Zibit, Original Artwork, Stone
Resilience - Sculpture, 53.3x20.3x20.3 cm ©2022 by Melanie Zibit - Abstract, abstract-570

Sculpture - Stone | 53.3x20.3x20.3 cm

Sculpture titled "Travail" by Marc Chauvin, Original Artwork, Stone
Travail - Sculpture, 40x10x10 cm ©2023 by Marc Chauvin - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Men, pierre de taille

Sculpture - Stone | 40x10x10 cm

Sculpture titled "Think 02" by Arjen Van Der Straten (Ruedart), Original Artwork, Stone
Think 02 - Sculpture, 35x25x25 cm ©2022 by Arjen Van Der Straten (Ruedart) - Figurative, figurative-594, Men, Jade
"Think 02"

Sculpture - Stone | 35x25x25 cm

Sculpture titled "FISH" by Flod, Original Artwork, Stone
FISH - Sculpture, 45x30x15 cm ©2022 by Flod - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044

Sculpture - Stone | 45x30x15 cm

Sculpture titled "Flight at sunrise 1…" by Karen Axikyan, Original Artwork, Stone
Flight at sunrise 13x13x11cm 1.6kg Iron,Copper,Tufa - Sculpture, 13x13x11 cm ©2022 by Karen Axikyan - Abstract, abstract-570, Bird, bird sculpture, wire sculpture, iron sculpture, creative sculpture, original sculpture
"Flight at sunrise 13x13x11cm 1.6kg Iron,Copper,Tufa"

Sculpture - Stone | 13x13x11 cm

Sculpture titled "Coeur-oiseau9" by Xavier Malbreil, Original Artwork, Stone
Coeur-oiseau9 - Sculpture, 21x13x9 cm ©2022 by Xavier Malbreil - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, coeur-oiseau, marbre, bleu-vert, sculpture

Sculpture - Stone | 21x13x9 cm

Sculpture titled "KARMA.Marbre" by Daniel Sanchez, Original Artwork, Stone
KARMA.Marbre - Sculpture, 53x27x20 cm ©2022 by Daniel Sanchez - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract

Sculpture - Stone | 53x27x20 cm



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